For those of you who realize that the guide is the SINGLE most important component of a safari experience. Great guides are about deep and extensive knowledge & experience; they are about understanding, anticipating and explaining animal behavior, while showing you the rhythms of the bush. The best of them do this with unfailing humor, warm hospitality, patience and wit – not to mention, quite an uncanny ability to adapt to your special safari needs and requirements.


Twelve days safari (11 nights) in the mighty Zambesi river valley. Three nights on the shores of Lake Kariba photographing wildlife framed by the famous dead trees emerging from the water. We’ll then transfer to Mana Pools National Park for 7 nights (3 in a remote spring in the inland and 4 on the floodplains along the Zambesi river). Mana Pools is a World Heritage Site, a magical place where wildlife is seen in an enchanted forest of arching trees and light shining through. Elephants, Lions, Wild dogs and many other species are seen on foot, at close distance. An experience of full immersion in nature without barriers that is truly unforgettable.


Certainly one of the most picturesque wildlife destinations I have ever been to. It does not matter if you are interested in big cats, general game, birds, scenery or just a good time in nature, South Luangwa seems to have it all.
I love capturing animals within their environments, and Luangwa is near-perfect for this. Large trees, a beautiful curving river and many stunning open areas make is perfect for this kind of photography, and very well suited to all that I enjoy!

Paul Joynson Hicks TANZANIA / NAMIBIA

Some of the most spectacular wilderness areas of the world are found in Namibia, a country that offers a diverse landscape with equally diverse wildlife, on a very grand scale. On this very special photographic adventure you will experience the unique landscape of Namibia,


“I am able to offer personally guided safaris in a custom built game viewing vehicle to a vast array of stunning wildlife locations across East Africa. I can work with you to design an itinerary that caters to your specific wildlife and photography interests as well as your duration and budget. Some of my popular trips include witnessing the spectacular Wildebeest migration in the famous and well documented Masai Mara in Kenya (Also the location of many BBC Natural history productions) and where you also have the opportunity to spend time in the company of the magnificent big cats and also other equally fascinating endemic mammal and bird life. Alternatively, (or combined with the Masai Mara) visit locations in either Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. With my intimate experience of these areas and in-depth knowledge of the endemic wildlife, I will ensure you have the safari of a lifetime with memories that will last forever”


The “ Botswana Explorer “ photographic safari will take you on a visual journey that focuses on the two major attractions in Botswana .... the Okavango Delta in Moremi game Reserve and the mighty Chobe River in the Chobe National Park. The delta is the ultimate wildlife eden offering amazing photo opportunities that include Wild Dog, Lion, Leopard and incredible bird photography. Botswana is also host to one quarter of Africa’s entire elephant population so continuos encounters with large herds is not uncommon.

Jackson Looseyia KENYA / TANZANIA

Jackson Ole Looseyia is a well known face on TV shows about Big Cats and the Masai Mara. He has an extraordinary life-story, part hunter-gatherer, part Maasai, part Catholic education, and a golden thread of the Mara, its landscapes and animals where he was personally mentored as a guide. Such a life has given Jackson a remarkable breadth of skills and he moves easily between different worlds: the perfect host and expert guide at Rekero Bushcamp in the Masai Mara, working in remote villages promoting conservation and education, research; training; television. In any role he carries the same quiet authority, eloquence and his love for nature, especially big cats.

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