About Us

We have established Maasai Wanderings, not only to provide employment for ourselves and others, but to give opportunities to those who otherwise would not have received them. Our main objectives at Maasai Wanderings are preservation of culture, wildlife and our goodwill projects. We have arranged our company in such a way, that we are able to provide assistance in these areas by funding various projects that we have initiated ourselves. We offer luxury to budget safari adventures and utilize profits to maintain our own community projects in Tanzania.

We operate lodge safaris, culture safaris, walking safaris, treks and hikes with absolute adherence to quality of service, value for money and cultural integrity. All our itineraries have been meticulously planned according to careful consideration to the amount of time we recommend to appreciate the ‘adventurous’ surroundings.

Our Mountain Guides and Team were all born in the Kilimanjaro region and therefore possess knowledge of the mountains that cannot be taught. We have a very high success rate on the Machame, Rongai and Shira routes on Kilimanjaro and continue to receive praise for our professionalism throughout all our itineraries. Our Chefs are all college-trained and understand the art of creating delicious cuisine with limited resources while adhering to the ‘laws of hygiene’. Our Safari and Village Guides understand the behaviour of wildlife and patterns of vegetation and can impart knowledge that is not written.

We carefully maintain our itineraries, running extra field trip missions to confirm or establish new and improved paths for carrying out our itineraries in order to provide our clients with the most enjoyable and culturally educating experience possible. We present continual staff education workshops to offer our client optimal service for their personal journeys and adventures. At Maasai Wanderings we believe in handpicking our staff not only based on their knowledge and experience but also their ‘personability’ and natural hospitality from arrival to departure. They know what factors make an adventure ‘special’.

We invest in only quality equipment. Mountain equipment varies from National Park equipment which varies from Village equipment. Each set of equipment is specific to its intended use. We receive a lot of appreciation from clients who identify with our charitable objectives and we, in turn, appreciate any suggestions. We hope that you will appreciate our sentiments and support us in our journey! KARIBU SANA.

Tailor Made Safaris: Whatever you require, give us a call and our Africa Experts will help to arrange a perfect safari for you.

Kilimanjaro National Park

Rising in isolation out of the surrounding savannah to an elevation of 5,895 metres, ‘Kili’ is the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world.

Its allure is undeniable, attracting seasoned trekkers and determined first-timers alike from all over the world. A trek to the snow capped Kibo peak is an unforgettable experience and an essential part of any Tanzanian adventure.