Chimp Safari - Tanzania Itinerary

4 day Trekking with Chimps

Arusha | Mahale | Lake Tanganyika


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With an early departure from our Arusha accommodation, we transfer to the Arusha airport for the charter flight to Mahale National Park. Famous for containing some of the last remaining wild chimpanzees in Africa, the Mahale Mountains National Park was gazetted in 1985, covers an area of 1 613 km. and is located about 128 km south of Kigoma town on the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika. The western boundary of the park protects an adjacent 1.6 km wide strip of Lake Tanganyika’s waters. The land in and around Mahale is the traditional homeland of the Watongwe and Waholoholo tribes. The terrain is mostly rugged and hilly, and is dominated by the Mahale Mountains chain that runs from the northwest to the southeast across the park. The highest peak (Mount Nkungwe) rises to 2 462 m above sea level. This afternoon, take a bush walk around the camp to discover your new habitat.


The chimp trackers set off early and radio to camp when they have located the chimpanzees. From there is it our turn to push through incredible jungle to the desired location. Return to camp for lunch and resting.
GREYSTOKE MAHALE (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


The trackers have set off again today, and we will follow shortly once we have word. We are allowed one hour to view the chimps on each day—this is timed and recorded by park rangers who accompany us on the trek.
GREYSTOKE MAHALE (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


After a leisurely morning, boat transfer back to park headquarters for our charter flight back to Arusha, arriving early evening.
(Breakfast, Lunch)


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Night Game Driving

Enter Lake Manyara amidst the activity of the nocturnal animals, an exciting opportunity for game viewing outside the normal times with very limited partakers. Watch with anticipation as you approach every corner to see what the spotlight reveals.

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Nasikia Tanzania Camps

Nasikia Camps are an intimate collection of mobile and semi-permanent camps located in the prime wildlife viewing areas of Tanzania’s northern safari circuit. Experience the wilds of Tarangire, the incredible herds of the southern Serengeti plains and a short drive to the gauntlet of the Mara River.
With high quality canvas between your comfortable bed and the sounds of the African night, these camps provide the ideal accommodation for lovers of the great outdoors, while retaining the coziness of a warm bed, a hot shower, gratifying cuisine and a welcoming team.