Premier Chimp Safari - Uganda Itinerary

Chimpanzee Tracking, Queen Elizabeth National Park, and the Mountain Gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Days 1-3

Entebbe / Kibale National Park / Chimpanzee Tracking
After an overnight in Entebbe, head through Uganda’s lovely landscapes to Kibale National Park, home to 13 primate species. Here you’ll track bands of chimpanzees as they play, feed, and scamper across the treetop canopy. Other denizens of the park include vervet, colobus, and red-tailed monkeys, and grey-cheeked mangabeys.

Days 4-5

Queen Elizabeth National Park / Big Game Safari
Queen Elizabeth National Park, designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, supports a wonderful diversity of wildlife in habitats ranging from lowland rainforest to wetlands to grassy savannas—all with the stunning backdrop the Ruwenzoris, Africa’s fabled “Mountains of the Moon.” Enjoy gameviewing by 4WD vehicle in the park’s lake-dotted savannas, and boating in the Kazinga Channel, with its large concentrations of hippos, elephant, and other wildlife that often come to the water’s edge to drink

Days 6-8

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park / Gorilla Tracking
Bwindi is one of the most biologically diverse areas on Earth, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Among the 11 resident primate species are 310 magnificent mountain gorillas, half of the world’s population of this elusive and highly endangered mammal. You’ll enjoy the incomparable experience of tracking, then quietly observing, the mountain gorilla clans that reside in Bwindi’s montane forests. The tracking can be physically challenging. but the rewards are tremendous and the rigors soon forgotten when you spot a gorilla family and become absorbed in watching these gentle creatures. When not observing mountain gorillas, you have time to observe some of the amazing varieties of bird, butterfly, and animal species that make their home in this unusual park. Depart on Day 8 via Entebbe.