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NPS Tanzania Premier Nature & Wildlife Photography

  • NasPhoto Safaris is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality wildlife experiences.
  • We adhere to a code of conduct for sustainable and ethical viewing, photography and filmmaking.
  • You can trust our countless hours of experience and knowledge to bring you the most comprehensive and productive tours available today.
  • We are committed to using methods and techniques that ensure the complete safety of our customers and our activities do not disturb or impact the ecology and behavior of wildlife.
  • We maintain low impact and fully sustainable viewing techniques only in areas that are capable of supporting such activity.
  • NasPhoto Safaris adheres to a “Best Practices ” code of conduct established in consultation with industry, government agencies and wildlife biologists.

We actively work alongside conservation groups, scientists, government officials and the general public to come up with solutions that will allow us to live in better harmony with these magnificent creatures.

Nature & Wildlife Photography

We are Specialists at viewing and photographing Nature and Wildlife
Our particular specialty is getting our customers as close as possible to Tanzania’s wildlife without disturbing their habits. We do this through our knowledge of the best locations, timing and viewing techniques, and through an intimate understanding of animal behaviour. We provide the highest level of professional service by maintaining small group sizes (max. 12per group and usually just 6 or 8 customers per guide), personalized instruction and attention to detail. We use vehicles suitable for photographing wildlife in a safe, controlled manner.

Quality Photographs
NasPhoto Safaris consistently produces the highest quality results

The key to our success is versatility and adaptability. We are not restricted to any particular area or operational zone. Our company is structured so that we can adapt to the changing habits of the animals we seek. This is particularly important in this era of changing climate and global warming. As the timing of annual cycles adapts to the changing seasons, we too are able to adapt and change our itineraries and techniques. We have a database of wildlife biologists, and wildlife officials, park wardens and our guides who all help to keep NasPhoto Safaris up to date and informed.


Naseeb is a professional guide with an irrepressible enthusiasm for wildlife photography and guiding. Having grown up in Arusha, he was exposed from a your age to the great outdoors and spent much time in the bush with his grandfather, where he felt most at home. This evolved into a passion for conservation. Now that he has dedicated his life to wildlife and conservation, he would like to share what he knows and loves with the rest of the world.

Naseeb has decided that he could do this best by becoming a partner at Maasai Wanderings Ltd.

Naseeb is a Safari Specialist and a qualified educational guide. He leads photographic, family, private and group safaris into the wildest part of his country. Having worked with and guided professional wildlife photographers such as Greg Du Toit, Tom Whetten, Stu Porter as well as Raymond Barlow to mention a few, he has gained a lot of knowledge about photography and has had marvelous experiences. He has traveled extensively to different parts of the world for conservation purposes and presentations. Naseeb has traveled to the United States, Canada, London, Australia, India, Singapore, Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, and Costa Rica. His passion is to continue educating people on the importance of wildlife conservation and natural habitat preservation.