Trekking & Hiking in Northern Tanzania

For trekkers visiting Tanzania the biggest attraction is Mt Kilimanjaro – the subject of Hemingway. Its beautiful and diverse ecosystems are surpassed only by the breathtaking views from the summit. Climbing to the ‘rooftop of Africa’ is a highlight of any visit to Tanzania and can be achieved by seasoned trekkers to reasonably fit first-timers. ‘Kili’ isn’t the only choice trekkers have in the north of Tanzania. From the dramatic scenery of Mt Meru to the rolling hills of the Ngorongoro Crater Highlands and the active Oldonyo Lengai rising out of the Great Rift Valley, there is a trek or hike to suit every adventurous traveller.
Short wilderness walks enhance a safari by allowing a relationship to develop between flora, fauna and visitor – true learning in its rawest and ideal environment.
Whether trekking with local porters who have been born and raised in the shadow of Kilimanjaro or navigating your way from village to village in the highlands with loaded donkeys, trekking and hiking in Tanzania is a challenge to cherish – a ‘must do’ life experience.

Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project

Maasai Wanderings is an International Mountain Explorers Connection (IMEC) Partner for Responsible Travel company. IMEC created this Partner Program to recognize those tour operators committed to promoting proper treatment of the crew. KPAP monitors company performance to ensure that Partners are abiding by KPAP’s Guidelines for Proper Porter Treatment.

Cameras of Kilimanjaro

Cameras of Kilimanjaro is a hard cover book of photographs all taken by the porters who work on Mount Kilimanjaro. All profits raised are donated to the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project. To purchase the book visit:

Ladies Trekking Virtual Club
Ladies Trekking is a unique virtual club for women who’ve already been toa Mount Kilimanjaro, and also for women who a dream of visiting the Roof of Africa during their lifetime.

Adventurer Links
Karen, Chetana and Anne climb Kilimanjaro with Maasai Wanderings in aid of the Lily Foundation